Wardrobe Audit

Surprisingly, most people only use 40 percent of their wardrobe. The Perfectly Poised Wardrobe Audit is designed to assist you in maximizing your wardrobe by mixing and matching your current clothes and accessories to create new outfits you did not know you had.

I’ll show you how to determine what works for you, what doesn’t and why. Together, we’ll edit your wardrobe so that what’s left are only things that fit, flatter, are in good shape and meet your fashion goals. Then, I’ll teach you how to mix and match them to create many different outfits from your core wardrobe.

During the session, I’ll also create a shopping list for you with key items that can be purchased to fill gaps and take your current wardrobe to the next level.  Photographs of your newly-styled outfits are also taken to create a personal look book. This will ensure you don’t forget a single look.

Prepare for the surprise of how much can be done with what you already have.

Investment: $50 an hour*

*This is a 2 to 4 hour session in the privacy of your home.

Contact me to shop your closet.