Most Likely to be Imperfect

Remember high school superlatives? You know, the “Mostly Likely to” … cure cancer… star on Saturday Night Live (my BFF’s) … or serve as the first woman President.

Well, mine was perfect. No seriously, I was voted “Most likely to be perfect.” I beamed with pride when I received my year book and read those five words. I’ve wondered why my classmates thought of me this way. Maybe it was because I strived to get straight As, or that I always wanted to look put together, or that I was a successful three sport athlete or simply because they couldn’t think of anything else.

Most Likley to be

Fast forward 18 years. What I’ve learned is that being perfect is an unachievable goal. Even when we think others are perfect – have the perfect life, marriage, kids, career – they aren’t. There is typically something he or she is struggling with… whether out in the open or deep down inside. But that doesn’t mean that you give up all hope and stop trying to be the best version of yourself.

Life takes effort. And while it’s much easier to sit on the couch and binge watch your favorite TV show (Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), eat crappy food riddled with sugar or salt (Romolo’s chocolate covered pretzels), wear yoga pants seven days a week (cheers to the inventor of “athleisure wear”) or not care about your physical appearance (all of which I’m guilty of), doesn’t it feel a whole lot better when you pull yourself together and rise above?

That’s why I decided to write this blog, called Perfectly Imperfect. It’s really a dichotomy of sorts. It’s for those who want to look great and be confident, but some days can’t even get through the day without a “major” crisis. And that’s OK!

You’ll see a healthy balance of fashion, lifestyle and empowering narratives, mixed in with real life vulnerability. I want this to be a safe place for readers to embrace their inner imperfection, yet at the same time leave with the motivation to reach their full potential.

The goal is to publish the blog every Thursday… but don’t hold me to it because I’m not perfect.

Be sure to tune in next week when I’ll dig a little deeper into who I am and why I decided to launch Perfectly Poised, a style and image consulting business in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Thank you for showing interest in my blog. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. How are you perfectly imperfect?

Life can get in the way of your goals but that doesn’t mean you stop setting goals. It simply means that you do the best you can, adjust course, keep going and have a good sense of humor about it all.


Yearbook Photo

Senior Portrait – Villa Maria Academy Class of 2000

3 thoughts on “Most Likely to be Imperfect”

  1. I loved reading this Mary! While I go to work every day I feel I’m the best nurse I can be. Some joke that I never make a mistake or I know everything or even that I’m “perfect” at my job. While some of that is a little true I’m certainly not perfect. I struggle with things that I leave behind when I walk through those hospital doors. I take the best care of my patients that I know how. None of my coworkers know what I’m really dealing with & that’s okay. I love my job & for a few hours my troubles disappear.

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  2. Kudos to you Mary for being so honest. As a hairstylist, I deal every day with women who are looking for perfection. I tell them no one is perfect and embrace who they are and what they are meant to be! I strive everyday to teach women of all ages to be confident in their own skin and of course hair! I will now add to my phrases “ You are perfectly imperfect .”

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